14H-18H: Zine

14H-16H: AnarkoPoledance (with Maria Basura - Berlin/Chile - On Donation) Learn the no gender and anarchist pole dance. Workshop on 3 days.

16H-17H: Pisse-Debouts (Free)

14H-17H: Radio Jingles with Chroniques Mutantes (BruxHells - Free)

20H-21H: Gabberaerobic + Costume Contest Runway with The Tourista Titude ans Klaus Vomi (Liège/BruxHells - Free). Come and learn how to take care of yourself with this hardcore queer aerobitch workshop baby! Don't forget to prepare your best outfit or come earlier to dress up at La Mode À New-York corner before the contest! Viens apprendre à prendre soin de toi avec cet aerobic queer et hardcore! N'oublie pas de mettre ton plus beau déguisement ou viens plus tôt te préparer au corner de La Mode à New-York!





Camille Ducellier

Reboot Me and La Lune Noire 

Ouistiti Glace

(absurd feminist action theatre - Bruss'Hells)
Annie Lam
(butoh action painting - France)

Misfita and Klau

(gynegore cabaret - Calafou/Chile)
Milady Renoir
(litterature performance installation dance - Bruss'Hells)
Ouistiti Glace

(feminist action theatre whatever impro - Bruss'Hells)
Maria Brasura
(post porn anarkopoledance performance - Berlin)

Juicy Gin

(body positive gender fucking performance - Den Haag)

- no link yet -

(performance - Bruss'Hells)
- no link yet -

Ztratila Se Kocka
(strange darkhordeon - Bruss'Hells)

(indus dance punk - France)
La Chasse
(psyche noise rock - Marseille)

La Chatte
(Electro synth expe - Paris)

Solid Cat vs. Oliotronix
(techno rave fidget - Bruss'Hells)
Klaus Vomi

(gabber weird oddities - Liège)
Coeur Vert
(dance grindcore - Bruss'Hells)

Runway and bal masqué.
Opening gabberobic session.